G Cloud 7 is expected to go live at the end of the August and we are already tweaking our service submission offering to ready ourselves for the new round.

Thinking about listing your SaaS on the Digital Marketplace?

As a small company it’s a lot of work to get ready to be listed on the Digital Marketplace but we believe it’s worth it to have our service listed alongside some of the much bigger hitters when it comes to providing software services. 

Healthy Hive Case management software on G CloudOur main service that we have listed is Healthy Hive, it’s software as a service that helps local authorities and health providers run services for mental health and to aid people to stop smoking amongst others. While also helping the local authorities identify and deal with health inequalities and cases of comorbidity, as they are now tasked with looking after public health.

Since G Cloud 6 we have been working on how we can make our offering even more attractive to public body buyers, (we’re hoping we’ve cracked it with a new pricing model, more to come on that later!) but the fact that it simplifies their oft-onerous procurement processes is the big bonus, if you can get yourself listed.

The best source of knowledge for G Cloud 7 is the Digital Marketplace Blog they give regular updates on how to use the service and what’s new. Government procurement can seem pretty daunting at first but we like the blog as jargon-free place to understand what is required both pre-listing and what you’re expected to do once you’ve been listed as a supplier.

We’re happy to share our little piece of G Cloud knowledge, if you’re also a SME new to this government service and would some help getting started drop kathryn@clouddataservice.co.uk a note to see if there are any pointers we can give. The good news is they are making G Cloud 7 more simple than the last iterations have been, so if you have been put off by the complexity before, now is a good time to see if you think it would be worth listing your product or service on there.