#ThisIsMINE (Made in North East)

Improving Connections

Last night our team attended the launch of a digital initiative to really get the North East tech out there, to the rest of the country and beyond, at Wylam Brewery. (And there’s no better way to get people together than over a free drink in some interesting surroundings in our opinion!)

The main thing we took away from the evening was that we need to get better at talking to each other internally about what we are doing well, and talking about and to others about our successes externally. We need to improve our connections from within and not hide behind “just getting the work done”; we should find time to build ourselves and each other up through our social media and blog presence. 

So without further ado, I’d like to present to you our latest online platform we have built for our wonderful clients, Better Humans, for - you guessed it, improving connections from within! This was very proudly made in the North East, with and for our clients in Edinburgh. #ThisIsMINE

We first met the Better Humans team late last year, they told us their plan for an online physiotherapy platform for employers to use with their employees to help improve their physical health. But there was a twist - there was to be a brain test as well as body test… They believe that the connections between your brain and your body can help you overcome niggles you have with your body and even avoid future injury. The brain test is designed to work out where your connections are weakest, then the body test works out your current strength levels to give you a tailored exercise programme you can follow to increase your brain and body connections. Whether you spend eight hours sitting at a desk every day with a dodgy back or you are in peak physical fitness, the Better Humans believe there is something that you can do to strengthen the signals between your brain and body to improve performance.

We even threw in an overhaul of the marketing site for free along with the platform as we love working with clients whose mission is to improve wellbeing. as it aligns very closely with our own aim to improve public health. Check out their website and we'll follow up with a post in November when they start their pilot and see how it's working for them.