The end of of the 12 week study comes to close.

Office Wellbeing Experiment - final week

It’s the final week of the Office Wellbeing study and we’ve ended on plants! Despite joking that we are going to keep them all, it turns out that the other offices that have been part of the study would also like to keep some after the experiment ends too so we’ll have to give some of them up.

We all unanimously enjoyed having the plants around but I think it’s hard to say what about the plants has had that biggest effect; it could be the colour therapy, all the green around is refreshing and uplifting. They are visually interesting in other ways too, having something more stimulating to look at when thinking (I don’t face a window unfortunately) or if it’s an improvement to the air quality in the city centre office.

This study has certainly made made me think more about how my working environment affects my feeling of wellbeing at work. I guess even just the process of thinking about it (despite whether or not the plant and/or birdsong had an effect) helps you understand. I’ve had a realisation about how I structure my day; I prefer to do short tasks in the morning when I can still switch from thing to thing easily and do a longer piece of work in the afternoon. I think I subconsciously did that anyway but I now know I’m happier working this way round, I can plan my day accordingly. Because surely if you are feeling at your best at work, you will do your best work!

We’ll post another update when we have some of the results back, we’re all very interested in what will be done with the data (obviously!) Hopefully it might be able to help other workers feel better at work, through real science!

We are really excited by the continuing opportunities that working in The Core has presented us with, and look forward to blogging about the next adventure soon...