November 3rd will mark two years since we made The Core our home.

Two Years at The Core

A rainbow cast on our office wall

November 3rd marks two years since we moved into The Core, the first building to be completed on Science Central and tonight they are holding an event celebrating the building winning the BCO’s 2016 Regional Commercial Workplace award.

I think this is a good time to have look at the promotional videos featuring some of the occupiers of the building again. Check them out to have a look around the building and plans for the future of the Science Central site. We particularly like the Elevator Pitch video featuring our very own Mr. Lloyd!

The building designed by FaulknerBrowns has a living wall, sedum roofs and the toilets flush with collected rainwater. Moving here very much fit in with our company ethos for sustainability, and we’re very glad we did as we’ve also started work with some of our neighbours in the building, they even moved to our floor. Not (just!) because we are great, but because they are expanding too and needed to move to a bigger office, and that’s what else is great about The Core. Check out the rest of our neighbours on The Core website.

Since we moved in we’ve seen the competition of The Key, the country’s first heated fabric constructed workplace and the springing up of the next building behind that, the Urban Sciences Building. Between the building work and the wonderful events they hold on level one, there always seems like there is something going on and it gives the whole area a sense of vibrancy. 

It’s fascinating how your environment can help with growing and learning and developing (which is why we kept a bunch of the plants from the office wellbeing project,) and is why we’re definitely staying put.

And lastly a few more of my favourite pictures I have taken over the last two years.