Our newest build is a Management Information System (MIS) for delivering supported employment services, employability projects and opportunity programmes

Bridget MIS

The Bridget MIS takes the Annex reports from the Building Better Opportunities* (BBO) programme and the Outcome Star from Triangle to make a powerful tool for organisations managing increasing employability schemes.

The employability scheme in the north east is run by Bridges (part of Voices Northumberland) and it’s aim is to help those furthest from the job market, be that through training or job searches and help with CV writing and the like. Bridges needed an online management information system to help them monitor participants in the scheme and help organise referrals, evidence, outcomes and reporting.

Cloud Data Service was selected by Voices Northumberland and Vital Service as their choice for developing the system due to the experience of our team in building MISs and working with schemes managing complex funding arrangements. (Before Bridget we created the MIS for Ways to Wellness that is run with social impact bond money, and works in a similar way, in that they are both case management systems with important extra analytical power and the additional fund administration management.)

We started work on Bridget in late 2016 and we began work creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) based on a paper form that the funders needed filling out as part of the evidence collected. Once we had the first form embedded into the system, partners delivering the programme could begin entering participants information. Continuing the work into this year, we’ve added on many of the other participant monitoring forms and are expanding the system into automatically collecting payments for partners, reducing further time spent on administration. 

By commissioning this MIS Voices have put themselves in a great position to help deal with the complexities of running a scheme such as BBO and because it was created in such close proximity with them and a consultant on information governance. It is completely fit for purpose and not bloated out and slowed down with unnecessary modules and databases.

In order to not just take care of the paper pushing Bridget also has the Outcome star embedded into it to make sure that the people using the schemes get out of it as much as they can. By encapsulating all this into Bridget we’ve come up with a solution that works end to end and takes some of the paperwork strain up so more time can be spent with clients. 

And that in the end is what it’s really about; making sure that the budget is really well spent on the impactful ways that the Big Lottery Fund and European Social Fund money can be, helping people improve their lives. 

If you have a health and social care, or H&S process that you think could be better managed through a streamlined online MIS please get in touch with us and see if we can help.

*Big Lottery Fund is matching funds from the European Social Fund for projects across England that tackle poverty and promote social inclusion.