How do buyers search for services?

Healthy Hive is now listed on G Cloud 9

We’ve taken a slightly different approach to our listing on the Digital Marketplace this year. We’ve listed a lot of our products separately but still under the Healthy Hive banner to hopefully make it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for. 
G Cloud 9 was a slightly new process to the previous iterations of G Cloud. This year there was less work involved overall from previous iterations but a lot of suppliers were disheartened to learn that they couldn’t copy their services over from the previous version of the framework.

If you follow the Digital Marketplace blog you’ll know that the change was coming and they shared the draft questions before the applications went live. The transparency and openness of the blog is something that I’ve admired for a while. It’s been helpful to discover what parts of the application are searchable for buyers so that we know where to concentrate effort in choosing the right language for our products. 
We haven’t done a great deal of research in this area, so we just chose a mix i.e. using “smoking cessation” and “stop smoking” as we know it will be extremely rare that anyone would be searching for the name we gave that particular SaaS product (Call it Quits)! Likewise, we know the people that are using the term “social prescribing” aren’t necessarily the ones that are purchasing software to manage it, and may more likely use a term such as GP management system. I’m particularly pleased that they overhauled the categories for G Cloud 9 as it means we can be listed in the right place and under a more detailed level of clarity than we were before.

There’s still lots for us to learn about the intricacies of public procurement, but if being listed on G Cloud removes a few barriers to enable us to become suppliers to more CCG areas, we’ll keep working on it -  It all helps towards our goal of helping to create healthier citizens through personal wellbeing and connected communities.